Genetic and Anemia in the Traditional Iranian Medicine (TIM)
Authors: Dr. Hossein Kheyrandish, Dr. Nader Kazemy
Prepared for publication: Dr. Ali Namavar, Deputy of International Affairs of the University of Traditional Medicine,
The 3rd International Conference on "Integration of Tradituional and Contemporary Medicine"

The major elements in the traditional Iranian medicine are: 1- Fire (hot and dry), 2- Air (hot and wet), 3- water (cold and wet, 4- earth (cold and dry). These are the main elements. The meticulous combination of elements in different proportions leads to the emergence of various temperaments. In the traditional Iranian medicine, there are four solidary temperaments (dry, wet, cold and hot) and four mixed temperaments (hot and dry, hot and wet, cold and dry, cold and wet) plus one moderate temperament; making a sum of 9 temperaments. In addition, the traditional medicine believe on the existence of four humors; namely, blood or dam humor (hot and wet), phlegmatic (cold and wet), yellow bile (hot and dry) and black bile (cold and wet). With respect to the science of genetics and by comparing the items in that discipline with the humors science in TIM, one could find the compatibilities. For example, the children born to a father with phlemic/yellow bile genes and a mother with phlegmatic/phlegmatic genes, would end to one child being born with yellow bile/phergmatic as dominant humor and three children with the phlegmatic humor as the dominant humor and one recessed yellow bile gene. Individuals with phlegmatic dominant gene yellow bile recessed gene are more apt to develop bile stone; and individuals with dominant yellow bile gene and recesses phlegmatic gene are more vulnerable in showing anemia symptoms. Anemia is divided into three classes: 1- Microcytic anemia MCV<80, 2-Macrocytic anemia MCV>80 and 3-Normocytic anemia MCV (100-80). According to the observations made by a phlebotomy research institute in Iran, it selected 100 anemia patients from its 25000 patients and 90% of them were treated by Dr. Kheyrandish through using TIM; including correction of food diets; 10% did not return and 30% did not respond to the treatment ….
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